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Advantages of guardianship

Guardianship is a legal process that allows one person or entity to assume responsibility for the person and property of another who is incapable of caring for themselves. Guardianship may be necessary in various situations, such as when a person is a minor, has a mental or physical disability, or is an older adult who can no longer care for themselves.


Guardianship has a series of advantages, both for the person under guardianship and for their loved ones. Some of the advantages of guardianship are:

Protection: Guardianship can help protect the ward from themselves in several ways. For example, a guardian can help a ward make safe financial decisions, avoid abuse and mistreatment, and get the medical care and treatment he or she needs.

Security: Guardianship can provide the ward with a sense of security and stability. A guardian can help the ward maintain his or her home, community, and relationships.

Trust: Guardianship can help loved ones feel confident that their loved one is receiving appropriate care. A guardian can provide loved ones with information about the ward’s well-being and can answer their questions and concerns.

Guardianship can be a valuable tool to protect people and entities who are unable to care for themselves.

If you are considering guardianship for a loved one, contact El Carrito Rojo for more information. Our estate planning attorneys are experienced in helping families navigate the guardianship process and ensure their loved ones are well cared for.


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