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This is your letter of permission to go ahead and simply love your children.

Put down those expectations that are ingrained in someone else’s idea of what it means to be successful in the world and stare a few moments longer into the precious eyes of the child who stands before you.

Instead of asking how their day was, inquire about what lights their passion, what made them smile today, and what was one place they would like a “do over.”

Institute a random dance party in the middle of the grocery store in the second before a meltdown threatens to take you all to a place you’d rather not visit. It’s okay if everyone turns and looks at you because you’re making memories, and we could all use more of the happy sort in this lifetime.

Say I love you over and over again not just in words, but in the foods you put before them at dinner time or the extra marshmallow on the hot chocolate.

Listen more and talk less with the sort of full attention you pay to the most important conversations you have, because they are just that the most important moments of truly getting to know who your child is out there in the world.

Touch more in cuddles and tickles and wrestling matches, especially with the bigger ones who are making their way farther out in the world. So they can always remember your arms are a safe haven.

Undo the places where you were done wrong by, so you don’t accidentally pass them along to the most precious person you’ve had the honor to know in this world.

Laugh from the bottom of your belly side by side on the couch watching the movie you swore had no value but your child was dying to see. Hold in the breath that longs to pull it apart and choose instead to see it through your child’s eyes of wonder.

Yes, each day, find one, just one simple way to love more, that being that is your child. It’s life’s most precious work. I promise.

Written by Shannon Loucks.

This article is a service of Alexandra Varela, an attorney who develops trusting relationships with families for life.  That’s why we offer a Family Legacy Planning Session, where we can review your family wealth needs and help identify the best strategies for you and your family. You can begin by calling our office or emailing us today to schedule a time for us to sit down and talk because this planning is so important.


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